The following recipes have been created and revised by Angela Murgia and they are all made with Sardinian prickly artichoke D.O.P..

Practical advices for cleaning artichoke...

In this section i will explain all the steps for cleaning artichokes. Let start!!


We recommend, before starting the cleaning, to prepair in a big container, a soluction of cold water and lemon juice in wich you will put all the artichokes once you have cleaned and cut them. This soluction make that the artichoke doesn't became black in contact with the air.

To avoid getting stung, stain your hands and pass the bitter taste to other foods, I recommend using gloves.

Now we can start cleaning our artichokes.


When you buy artichokes, it's possible to find them with the stem or just the heads; in the first case we need to cut the stem, remove the leaves and peel it up to the tender part (This part of the artichoke is very often underestimated, but indeed it can be eaten raw or cooked and I can guarantee that it is very good!!). As of the heads, we need to remove the Bracts (or more commonly called "leaves") wich, depending on the use, you have to remove them all up to the heart of the artichokes, or just the external ones (durin this step don't forget to cut the thorns!!). Now we have to remove the Choke, cut the artichoke in four equal parts and put it in the solucton of water and lemon juce that you have previously prepared. The reason why is better to cut the artichoke in four equal parts it is to preservate its entirety until its consumption raw or until the moment of cook it, and because the quarter is the base of the preparation (depending onn the recipe, it could remain like that ore cut in smaller slices).

Some more advices...

The artichoke can be used in a lot of ways: raw, cooked, canned or even sweet!!


Following my recipes you will notice that I don't use tomatoes. The reason is that I think that this two ingredients don't go well together, because the tomato could alter the flavor of the artichoke and also bacause i prefer to taste it just with ingredients that exolt the flavor, without change it. (For ex: parsley, onion or mint).

On the other hand, why mother Nature made that the artichoke gow up in winter and the tomatoe in summer?

But if you like this combination of flavours you cane use the tomatoe both fresh and dry.


I'd like to specify that doses used in these recipes are for FOUR PEOPLE, but you can use more o less artichokes.




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