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The distinctive features of the Prickly Artichoke of Sardinia are very marked and make it distinguishable from all other artichokes.


The spiny artichoke in Sardinia as well as reads the specification of production has the following features:


  •      Form: head conical, elongated moderately compact;
  •      Colour: green with large violet-brown shades;
  •      Presence of thorns yellow bracts;
  •      Structure of the stem: the inside is not very fibrous, tender and edible;
  •      Edible part: at least 30% of the weight of the head cool.


  • Carbohydrate content of not less than 2.5 g per 100 g of fresh matter;
  •      Polyphenol content of not less than 50 mg in 100 g of fresh matter;
  •      Sodium: no more than 0.125 g per 100 g of fresh matter;
  •      Iron: not more than 0.80 mg per 100 g of fresh substance.

Tasting notes:

  •      Bouquet: intense floral and thistle;

  •      Consistency: at the base of the bracts are fleshy and soft and crunchy at the same time;

  •      Taste: full-bodied with balanced blend of bitter and sweet for the presence of derivatives.

Polyphenolic and cynarin;

  • Astringency: the presence of tannins, natural components of the artichoke, is not perceived as balanced by the prevailing feelings of sweet, arising from the presence of important carbohydrates, typical of the "Artichoke Thorny of Sardinia."


Sede Legale: Località Lu Monti, 07039 Valledoria (SS)

Sede Amministrativa: Viale Sardegna 71 07030 Santa Maria Coghinas (SS)

Telefono: 0795610542


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Consorzio di Tutela del Carciofo Spinoso di Sardegna D.O.P. S. Legale: Loc. Lu Monti 07039 Valledoria (SS) • S. Amministrativa: Viale Sardegna n° 71, 07030 Santa Maria Coghinas (SS) • •