Who we are...

The Consortium of Sardinian Prickly Artichoke D.O.P. was established in November 2012 in Valledoria.

It was initially created on the initiative of 12 Enterprises of three productive zones (Lower Valley Coghinas, Oristano and Serramanna) then during the first months of 2013, have applied for membership and were accepted another 24 companies for a total of 36 companies at the moment . 
The registered office of the consortium is in Valledoria in "Lu Mounti" at the Terzitta's agricultural society S.S..

Just finished the 2012-2013 campaign production and marketing practices have been initiated at the Ministry for the recognition of the Consortium, and that recognition was obtained on 27/06/2013.



Sede Legale: Località Lu Monti, 07039 Valledoria (SS)

Sede Amministrativa: Viale Sardegna 71 07030 Santa Maria Coghinas (SS)

Telefono: 0795610542

E-Mail: carcspindisardegna@tiscali.it

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Consorzio di Tutela del Carciofo Spinoso di Sardegna D.O.P. S. Legale: Loc. Lu Monti 07039 Valledoria (SS) • S. Amministrativa: Viale Sardegna n° 71, 07030 Santa Maria Coghinas (SS) carcspindisardegna@tiscali.it • Carciofodisardegna@pec.it • www.carciofosardodop.it